My blog is a place I share personal and client experiences to help you feel supported, connected and informed.  Health can be an intimate, challenging and beautiful topic to explore within yourself and with loved ones.  It's important to me to provide you with the most authentic experiences and accurate education, so you can make aligned health decisions for yourself...and feel empowered along the way.

I will also share all of my favorite recipes!

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Orange Chicken (Gluten-free)

A new family favorite! This orange chicken is sure to please as it taste similar to restaurant’s food but healthier!

orange chicken

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Sausage, Kale, Potato Soup

A hearty, warming winter soup after long days working outside! 🙂 Filled with protein, greens and carb energy from the potatoes.

Sausage, kale, potato soup

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Dopamine Boosting Foods

How you feel matters.

Your mood (a temporary state of mind or feeling) often determines the decisions you make.

The decisions you make affect your mood and well-being.

dopamine foods

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Blueberry Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

Blueberry oatmeal protein pancakes are a great healthy treat when you’re craving carbs!! With the added protein, they will actually fill you up! 🙂

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Slow Cooker Wild Rice Chicken Soup

this slow cooker chicken wild rice soup is creamy and comforting, but still nourishing with lots of veggies, shredded chicken and wild rice. Added bonus: it’s so easy to whip up!

chicken rice soup

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Overnight Oats!

Overnight Oats!

Filled with fiber & antioxidants.

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Beef Stew (AIP)

Beef stew is the perfect grounding, nourishing meal during those long winter months! Cozy up!

beef stew

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Butternut Squash Chili

This butternut squash chicken chili (Paleo, GF) is one of my favs! It’s full of healthy fats, protein, fiber and antioxidants!

chicken chili

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Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are awesome for an easy high protein, fiber-filled brekky on-the-go. Gluten & dairy-free.

oats topped with berries

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

I’m always looking for yummy, healthy recipes my family will enjoy and this one is a classic in our house!

Whole 30, Paleo, low carb and full of healthy fats & protein. Delish!

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