October 24, 2023

Create Healthy Habits

Let’s be honest here…creating new healthy habits is NOT easy most of the time!! The brain is wired to repeat what is familiar even if that familiar habit is not healthy. It’s super uncool, but with this knowledge you can support your brain to REPROGRAM itself.

Here are my TIPS for reprograming your brain!


Habits were not created overnight, and new healthy habits sure as heck won’t magically appear once you decide it’s time to change. It takes consistency and practice, practice, practice. Often times when people don’t see the results they desire quickly, this is when they are more prone to give up.

This is when feelings of frustration, anger, hopelessness and guilt can creep in. If those feelings arise, tapping (EFT) is an incredible tool to move negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions through your body.

KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Remind yourself that this is a phase in the process of change.

If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, take a step back and re-assess.

Did you bite off more than you could chew at once? Do you need to evaluate your goals and aim for a more realistic one?


Hypnosis may sound like an old wives tale and you may be picturing a watch moving back and forth in front of your face or someone clucking like a chicken on a stage, but I can assure that scientifically-proven hypnotic techniques are fundamental to reprogramming your brain.

Hypnosis is the ability to bypass the critical mind (the one with all the chatter) in order to put in a new (POWERFUL) suggestion into the unconscious mind. You can train your brain to align with YOUR new healthy habits.

This practice will not work alone in my experience. You must still implement physical changes into your life, but hypnosis makes that process much, much easier.


Creating time and space for self-awareness practices are key to lasting change. Especially in our modern day, busy world of constantly moving, performing and rushing to the next task on the to-do list.

When you are in GO MODE, your habit mind will completely take over and there’s not much you can do about it because you aren’t taking the time to STOP, interrupt the pattern and replace with your new habit.

I recommend building time (even just 10 minutes) for self-awareness into your daily routine. Here are some ideas to try…

  • Journaling
  • Breathing techniques. Check out my video here.
  • Sitting in silence with no distractions
  • Being in nature
  • Being the bath or shower

I hope these tips helped in some way! Don’t give up! The human brain is designed to hold onto habits. It takes dedication, practice and patience to create a new healthy habit.

If you want support and coaching through this process, I’m here for you! 🙂

You can schedule a complimentary call here.

Cheers to abundant health!


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