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August 8, 2023

Make Cooking More Fun!

I have found that fun cooking requires 3 ingredients: Time, Energy & Connection.


When I’m running around doing a million things; cooking becomes another task on my never-ending to-da (no, that’s not a typo ;)) list. When I’m short on time, cooking doesn’t feel fun. It just feels like something that needs to get done.

On the flip side, when I plan my day to have an abundance of time, I create space for more creativity, flow & fun. I am the type of person who LOVES taking her time and focusing completely at the task at hand. When I can enjoy the process of cooking without any time restraints, I get really into it! When I’m overwhelmed & super busy, I don’t have fun cooking 🙂

How about you? What is your personality? I know that many of us have been conditioned to multi-task and rush around, but it’s not necessarily the most healthy, rewarding way to live life. Do you notice that when you have more time and flexibility, your fun increases in some ways?


When I’m pooped at the end of a long day, cooking doesn’t feel exciting or fun. I simply don’t have the energy for it. Therefore, again, it becomes another task to be completed.

However, when I’m taking really great care of myself via healthy nutrition, balanced meals to balance blood sugar, abundant water, a consistent sleep schedule, meaningful relationships, work and activities, then I have an abundance of energy to create healthy meals!


This may seem like an odd one to some, but connecting with others makes cooking SO MUCH more fun! Whether you create meals together, have a cooking party with your favorite people or share recipes and send text messages of pictures when you make, these acts of connection can really shift the energy around cooking into a positive experience.

This gives you both the opportunity to try new things, share notes and cheer each other on!

Do you have a friend (or multiple friends) that you like spending time with and are they willing to experiment with you?

How to create more time, energy & connection for cooking…

Prioritize cooking and creating healthy meals. Even if you start out with one day a week; make time for enjoying your process. Decide on a meal you feel excited to try and follow through. You may find that you enjoy cooking much more than you anticipated and create even more space in your life for it! And an added bonus…your body and mind will thank you.

Prioritize your health and well-being. Start making healthy changes that give you more energy. Stay on a consistent bedtime routine. Drink lots of water. Exercise regularly. Start with those basics and see how you feel…if you need further assistance, perhaps it’s time to work with a certified holistic nutrition consultant to start feeling better! In that case, let’s connect!

Prioritize connecting with friends and doing a recipe swap, a fun eating healthy challenge or a girls night in cooking and creating together!

Let me know…how did it go? What did you try? Did it improve your cooking experience?

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