November 8, 2023

Release Health Guilt

Do you feel guilty when you set health & wellness goals and fall off the wagon?

Do you feel like you keep trying to lose weight or eat well, and you just can’t seem to stick to it?  

You’re NOT alone my friend.

From my experience, there are two reasons you may be feeling bad…

#1)  You set unrealistic goals for yourself and feel bad when you fall short.

#2)  You aren’t putting your best effort in, and you KNOW you can do better.

#1) You set unrealistic goals…

You decide to go for it! You clean out your pantry, create a meal plan, join the gym and decide you’re going to cook healthy every night, avoid tempting dinner parties and go to the gym 5 days a week. Yet your schedule does not allow for this kind of demand. You overcommit yourself, feel exhausted at the end of a long day, have no energy to cook or workout and boom…you feel all of your intentions have gone out the window and you failed.

What do you typically do when you feel you have failed? Maybe you feel bad and give up…and the cycle repeats itself.

Maybe your example is not as extreme as the one above, but you get the picture. If you set unrealistic goals without taking into account your lifestyle, commitments, schedule, personality, and energy levels, then you will most likely not meet your goals.

I also notice that sometimes people don’t take their personality into account when goal setting.

Are you the type who tends to be all or nothing? Do you do best when you can focus on ONE small change per week or month?

Align your goals with who you are and then stretch yourself a bit beyond that to fulfill your healthiest potential.

#2) You aren’t putting your best effort in…

I hear a lot of people talking about the first one, but not many mentioning the second one. 

I have observed that our culture often justifies unhealthy choices and people say things like…”just let the guilt go. It doesn’t serve you.” Or…”it’s okay. You’re doing your best.” But what if you aren’t doing your best and your mind knows it?!

If you feel bad, then there’s a reason. Sometimes that reason is you know you aren’t doing your best. And guess what? That’s okay! Recognize it and re-align yourself with your potential.

Even if you try to shoo it away, guilt will stay with you until YOU change your habits and fulfill your potential.

The remedy?  

Take action steps that are aligned with your potential, personality and lifestyle and STICK TO IT. 

Take baby steps if you need to. Start somewhere, and keep moving forward.

I know it sounds straight forward, but the only way to stop feeling bad and build confidence is to DO IT.  

Easier said than done I know…

If you need support to get you over the hump, ain’t no shame!  Hire someone or join a group challenge to inspire and motivate you! If you want to work together, I got you. You can schedule a free call here.


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